The Fellowship:

What will a fellow do? 

Choose either tracks or both. The Beat Midrash and the Beat Kenessit. 

The Beat Midrash. Monday nights 9:00-10:00pm.

Mussar is a path to spiritual self-development
Focusing on one virtue at a time. Truth. Patience. Compassion. Humility. 

We will draw from Jewish and Hip Hop Sources to explore these virtues. We will write rap songs about these virtues. We will freestyle about these virtues. We will work with legendary Hip Hop Producers Digital Crates to make holy hits.

The Beat Kennesit. Saturday night 9:00-10:30pm.
Help us create a ceremony that remixes ancient prayers with Hip Hop beats and Rap bars. Elevate the prayer service with The Cypher and more! Check out Rappers & Rabbis Volume 1 to hear who you'll be working with, working it.

Link to Fellowship Application

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