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Marble Surface

Continuing the Conversation
January 16th 8pm

After a Retreat and collabs we gather online to talk Black/Jewish relations and to honor MLK JR. Join us.

4word Fellowship March 1 - May 1 2023

Do you have a project you want help polishing and releasing? Digital Crates will lead each of us with the release of our project.

New Arc Open Mic

Monthly Newark, NJ

The New Arc Open Mic series hosted by Myster-E and Producer's Edge. Even Month downtown Newark! Join us.

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Hip Hop Holy Days

Rap songs and activities to get you in the holiday spirit

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Hip Hop Liturgy

Liturgy remixed from ancient to modern

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Virtual Class

Rabbis deliver a class around a rap album

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The Beat Midrash

Hip Hop and Judaism: Kaballah spelled backwords is halla back

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